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Product Planner would add value, not only to my team during the manufacturing process, but also to potential investors in terms of a clear, organized way to depict upcoming goals, milestones, challenges in the short and long term.
Junior Desinor - CEO of ToorJunior Desinor CEO of Toor
By using Product Planner I was able to concentrate on calculating the right product pricing, not managing PDF quotes and Excel sheets.
Ali Lakrakbi - CEO of AirmoteAli Lakrakbi CEO of Airmote
Dragon has distilled the functions down to the essentials for early stage programs, making it possible to quickly share current information between CAD owners, management and engineers.
Hanna Eastvold-Edwins - Lead Engineer at Wine GrenadeHanna Eastvold-Edwins Lead Engineer at Wine Grenade
Product Shot - Awkward Engineer
Awkward Engineer
Dragon’s paid tool Product Planner is a step more sophisticated than a spreadsheet, yet better than a full blown PDM. Because it’s not a pure spreadsheet, it has more power to have custom fields for different types. Besides the above mentioned items, Product Planner organizes things with top level SKUs, products, accessories, and packaging.
Sam Feller Awkward Engineer
Franklin Robotics
Spreadsheets are great for lots of things. Turns out managing a BOM is not one of them. Product Planner is a perfect fit for us as we go from concept to production, and need to analyze and optimize our BOM.
Rory MacKean CEO of Franklin Robotics

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Worthington Assembly

Worthington Assembly

Your suppliers will be grateful because you will be more prepared. Being prepared can save you time and money. If a supplier can tell that you have not really thought about your project thoroughly enough, then they may be less willing to offer you favorable payment terms or even take your business at all. They need to get paid too, and if they’re worried that you don’t have a plan, then they might not be willing to take on the risk of working with you.

Worthington Assembly
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