Planner Pricing

Planner Pricing

Fa Check Access a fully featured demo project

We’ve built a fully featured Demo Project to give you the opportunity to get a sense of what your Product Planner project will look like in a mature state

Fa Check Evaluate your project with reports

Get clarity and insight on your project status with our reports, which cover everything from BOM structure to cashflow

Fa Check Replace gaps with estimates

Get access to a suite of estimators that provide placeholder figures for your one-time and recurring costs

Fa Check Invite your coworkers

Collaboration with team members is easy. Now everyone from the design shop to the factory can know what’s going on with your project

But I just like keeping my stuff in a spreadsheet.
Is there something else I can use?

Decisions made early in a project’s life have consequences deep into the process, which is why we built Product Planner. It’s also been our experience that spreadsheets aren’t quite the tool for the job. Spreadsheets are great at making lists and keeping tables but they aren’t great at making decisions...

If you MUST use a spreadsheet, use this one. You’ll thank us later
Need Help?

Need help?

BOMs and manufacturing can be overwhelming,
and we’re here to help.

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